Thursday, November 17, 2011

If an engineer decides to park his car

If an engineer decides to park his car on the other side of the garage when it's below freezing outside...

He will definitely decide it's also time to reprogram the built-in remote in his car for both garage door openers...

If he decides to reprogram the remote, he will want to read the manual (yes, real engineers read the manual).

If he gets the manual out, he will notice that he has never fixed the loose glove box latch.

If he gets a screwdriver and flashlight to fix the loose glove box latch, he will certainly decide he should investigate the leaky cabin air filter that Car-X never really fixed last winter.

If he decides to fix the leaky cabin filter, he will have to find a good You Tube video to walk him through dismantling the passenger side of the car.

Before he dismantles the passenger side of the car, he might just decide to see if the filter cover is loose. Wah la!

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