Friday, December 11, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree...

Oh Christmas tree, oh christmas tree
Why must you be such a pain in my butt?
Oh Christmas tree, oh christmas tree
Why can't you cut me some slack?

Oh how I can't wait until Christmas is over
So I can take you out and throw you on the brush pile.
Oh Christmas tree, oh christmas tree
I guess it's time for a new stand

Thursday, December 3, 2009

The Finger Saver

Yesterday, I decided to stop by Champaign's brand-spanking-new woodworking shop (CU WoodShop Supply). My main interest was in seeing a SawStop demonstration.

SawStop makes a tablesaw designed to avoid hand injuries. If the blade comes in contact with a human (or other conductive, large capacitance), a block of aluminum is slammed into the blade to stop it. The blade also drops into the saw body. The result is that the finger only receives a nick, probably small enough for just a band-aid. Here's their stock video:

This is impressive. However, in real life, it was much more impressive. Instead of slowly moving the hot dog into the blade (simulating normal saw speed), the sales rep pushed the hot dog much, much faster. The nick in the hot dog was about half as deep as this video!

They're not cheap. But, someday, when I'm ready to shell out bucks for a cabinet saw, I'm guessing this is the way I'll go.