Thursday, June 10, 2010

Baseball Season

Baseball season is upon us! It seems like nearly all of the families in Homer both look forward to and dread baseball season. It seemed like we were at the ball fields a lot when just Ethan played. This year Owen started t-ball, and now we really are at the ball fields all the time. Next week, there is at least one game every night, except one.

Ethan is doing awesome in baseball this year. Something happened during pre-season practices that changed him from a mediocre player to a confident ball player. He has hit two in-park home runs this season! And, he loves to play, which makes it that much more fun to watch. This is his second season in coach-pitch. Next year, he steps up to the big leagues.

Owen started t-ball this year. He's playing in full Owen-style. For his first at-bat, he came high-trotting up to the plate with his bat over his shoulder. I only wish I could have gotten it on tape. He frequently pulls his shirt up while trotting from third to home base and makes a funny sound. His skills still need some work, but he hit his first pitch last week, which was very exciting.

However, nothing can beat his t-ball picture that he insisted posing for:
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And, of course, here's his older brother:
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