Sunday, May 22, 2011

Reminder Why This Blog Exists

Remember when I used to update my blog on more than a quarterly basis? I was just looking through some unpublished posts that I really should have finished. But, a couple of them have since been updated, so maybe I'll revisit those.

Anyway, my blog has been lacking because we've had a busy spring (who hasn't?) we have 75% of our boys in baseball/t-ball. Ethan also just finished spring soccer season. Kimberly is the new committee chairwoman for Cub Scouts, the treasurer for baseball, and a newly elected member of the Heritage school district. Now, I really am just the man behind the woman...way far behind.

The most exciting news, yet also life changing crazy, is that we bought the children's consignment shop in Homer. We are officially small business owners. Friends of ours owned this store and another in Monticello, but wanted to sell the Homer store to be able to do some other things. We have spent the last three months shuttling kids around to various schools, daycares, and activities so that Kimberly can work. We're also taking a crash course in how the retail industry works: wholesale, inventory, advertising, website design, accounting, employees, and many other fun topics.

We finally released our website the other day, so check it out: If you're in the area, stop in for a cold soda!

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